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Frequenty Asked Questions

Qual o custo para participar?
Nenhum. O jogo é totalmente grátis.
Existe algum limite de provas para cada utilizador?
O utilizador pode participar em todas as provas que estejam disponíveis no calendário do BikeFantasy.
É possível participar com mais de que um utilizador?
Cada email registado dá a oportunidade de jogar a um utilizador.
Que tipos de provas posso participar no BikeFantasy?
Existem provas por etapas (Volta a Portugal, Volta a França, etc) e pacotes de provas (Volta a Portual, Tour de France, Giro d'Italia, Vuelta, etc) e grupos de clássicas (5 Monumentos, Campeonatos do Mundo, etc). Em quantas mais provas participares mais possibilidade tens de vencer o Ranking Anual. É possível verificar todas as provas disponíveis na área 'Calendário'
É possível usar o Joker em todas as provas?
O Joker só está disponível em provas por etapas com mais de 7 dias.
Todos os tipos de etapas são jogáveis?
Os contra-relógios por equipas ainda não dão para jogar no BikeFantasy.
Quantas vezes posso usar o Joker numa prova?
O Joker nas provas onde está disponível, é jogável uma vez por prova.
Quantos ciclistas tenho de escolher em cada etapa?
Em cada etapa o utilizador tem de escolher 2 ciclistas. A exceção são os contra-relógios individuais onde pode ser escolhido 1 ciclista apenas.
Qual é o ciclista usado para a classificação da etapa?
O ciclista usado em cada etapa é o melhor classificado do dia. É esse o ciclista usado no cálculo das classificações diárias.
O que acontece quando os ciclistas apostados não terminam a etapa?
Se for a 1ª etapa da prova, será usado o ciclista que terminou na posição abaixo da pior escolha dos outros concorrentes. Se for outra etapa será usado primeiramente o ciclista que não foi usado na etapa anterior, caso esse ciclista não tenha desistido, seguindo-se o critério anterior.
O ciclista melhor classificado na etapa, pode ser usado nas restantes etapas?
O melhor ciclista de uma etapa fica indisponível para as restantes etapas, pois é usado para a classificação diária. O ciclista escolhido melhor colocado pode apenas ser usado uma vez. O ciclista escolhido pior colocado da etapa, em caso de não desistir, pode ser usado em etapas futuras.



Unlike other fantasy games, BikeFantasy was designed to allow those with little time to play.

All you need to do is login using your Google account and wait for new races to become available.

Once they do, you will get a notification and can start to pick the winners of each stage.

Generally until 13:00 CET of a stage day – depending on the race schedule – you have to pick one or two riders who you think can win the stage. At the end of the day, the best placed rider out of the two is considered for the General Classification and the Points Classification (continue reading for an explanation of the several classifications).

On Individual Time Trial days it is only possible to pick one rider. On Team Time Trial days BikeFantasy is not played.

The best placed rider is automatically excluded from future picks, you will not be able to pick him again until the end of the race.


Privacy Policy

BikeFantasy, through the site, commits to guarantee the privacy of the collected personal data. The security and privacy of the website data are crucially important aspects.

Please, read the following text, to understand and learn how the information will be treated by BikeFantasy. BikeFantasy reserves the right to change the privacy policy, therefore its periodic reading is recommended. These texts faithfully reproduce the privacy policy followed by BikeFantasy.

Which information is collected about registered users?

So that you can become a BikeFantasy user, it is necessary to register through your Google account. By doing that, at that moment, you pass the following personal data: Name, Surname, Email.

The personal data collection is done at registration time and is required for the creation of a user account with the necessary characteristics to play the game.

Subsequently, a user can submit a new profile picture through upload. This picture will be stored by BikeFantasy and replaced/erased when the user changes it again.

BikeFantasy collects information about your browser, for language localisation purposes, and determines your location based on your IP, in order to show/hide the TV channel that broadcasts the race, in case you are located in Portugal. This information is not stored.

Besides what is described above, only data required for the game itself (picks, jokers, etc) is collected.

Who has access to the collected information?

All collected information is used only for the purpose of the BikeFantasy game, there being no relationships with third-parties for analysing, collecting or treating data.

Your Email is only used for BikeFantasy for sending notifications, not being visble for other users. Your Name, Surname and Profile picture are shared with all BikeFantasy users unless you expressly hide them in your profile area.

The remaining data is shared with all BikeFantasy users.

How can I change or delete my data?

You can change your data in the profile area. The data collected through your Google account - Email, Name and Surname - cannot be changed but can be hidden through the existing options.

You can delete your account temporarily or permanently.

By suspending your account your data will be hidden, your name will be replaced in classifications by your initials and your foto will disappear. Access to your personal page and trophy case will be forbidden and you will not receive notifications. You can reactivate your account at any time without losing your trophy case and previous results.

By permanently deleting your account, your data will be deleted, your name will be replaced in classifications by your initials and your foto will disappear. Access to your personal page and trophy case will be forbidden and you will not receive notifications. All your personal data (name, email, etc) will be completely deleted and it will not be possible to reactivate your account.


The website is hosted on a server owned by the Dominios.PT company. BikeFantasy is completely extraneous to any information collected by that company as part of the contracted hosting service agreement between itself and BikeFantasy.

If you have any doubts about some of the topics herewith presented, we appreciate that you communicate them to us by email at