Rules is a fantasy cycling game created in 2014 by six friends and cycling fans, initially for their own use and fun, and now shared with the community.

Fight for winning the Tour, the Giro or the Vuelta or simply be the king of consistency and win the Annual Ranking!

How to Play?

Unlike other fantasy games, BikeFantasy was designed to allow those who have little time to spare to play.

All you need to do is login using your Facebook or Google account and wait for new races to become available.

Once they do, you will get a notification and can start to pick the winners of each stage.

Generally until 13:00 CET of a stage day – depending on the race schedule – you have to pick two riders who you think can win the stage. At the end of the day, the best placed rider out of the two is considered for the General Classification and the Points Classification (continue reading for an explanation of the several classifications).

On Individual Time Trial days it is only possible to pick one rider. On Team Time Trial days BikeFantasy is not played.

The best placed rider is automatically excluded from future picks, you will not be able to pick him again until the end of the race.


Until the deadline for picks of the first stage of each stage race you can pick a rider to be your JOKER throughout that race. This JOKER can be played only once during a race and it replaces the best placed rider of the two picks for that day. This releases the best placed rider for future picks.

If you enter a race after its start you will be attributed a random JOKER.


As for all cycling races, there is not only one classification. In BikeFantasy you can win the General Classification, the Team Classification, the Points Classification and the Youth Classification (only while you are a rookie on the game!).

For the General Classification (time based) the times of the best placed riders (out of your two picks) of each stage are considered throughout the race.

For the Team Classification (point based) the Rankings of all picked riders are considered, including the JOKER if it is played. That is, for a stage in which the picked riders rank 10th and 20th you will tally 30 points on the Team Classification. If on that day you play the JOKER, who ranked 5th, you will tally 35 points on this classification.

For the Points Classification, the ranks of the best placed riders (out of your two picks) in each stage are added up. The winner of this classification is the player who, at the end of the race, has the lowest number of points.

For the Youth Classification the same rules as for the General Classification apply. This classification will only exist if there are at least 3 new players registered on the game during the current and previous year (rookies).


General Classification

1st Place: 30 seconds

2nd Place: 20 seconds

3rd Place: 10 seconds

One-Two: 60 seconds (in case the picked riders rank 1st and 2nd on the stage).

Team Classification

One-Two: 60 points (in case the picked riders rank 1st and 2nd on the stage).

Closing top10: 30 points (in case both picked riders rank in the top10 for the stage)

Points Classification

1st Place: 30 points


Depending on the number of players in a race, on the number of stages, on your classification and your final rank, you can tally points for the Annunal Ranking.

The General Classifcation, the Team Classification and the Points Classification earn you points for the Annual Ranking, depending on those factors.

During races you can check on the various Classifications how many points each rank is earning you based on the following formula: (((no. players-(rank x 5)) x no. stages) x type of classification) / 5

At the end of the year, the player who has tallied more points throughout the season is the Great Annual Winner of BikeFantasy!